10 Most Popular Cocktails of 2024

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10 Most Popular Cocktails of 2024

Craft cocktails have seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years.

Premiumization, craft ingredients and mixology are seeing high demand at bars and restaurants around the country.

In 2024, there are a mix of classic and craft drinks that have been charted as the most popular cocktails so far.

Today, some cocktails have risen above others in popularity, becoming staples in bars and households around the world. These favorites are ordered time and again, not just for their taste, but also for the moods and memories they evoke.

Understanding the most popular drinks in the world is more than knowing what’s in vogue; whether it is about hard liquors or cocktails it reflects a global appreciation. 

Each cocktail on the list has a distinct history, having traveled from the minds of their inventors to international fame. 

These drinks stand out for their balance, versatility, and ability to bring together different spirits and mixers to create something greater than the sum of their parts. 

Whether it’s the simplicity of a perfectly mixed gin and tonic or the layered complexity of a Mai Tai, these celebrated concoctions have secured their place in the canon of classic beverages.

Key Takeaways

  • Classic cocktails are appreciated globally for their unique blends and historic origins.
  • The prevalence of certain cocktails showcases the art and science of mixology.
  • Gin and tonic and mojito were listed as the most popular cocktails in 2024 so far.

Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails Worldwide (2024)

The top 10 list of most popular cocktails, brimming with classics and contemporary favorites, comes from the insightful data of the annual consumer survey by the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report. This survey underscores the prevailing preferences and trends that shape the current global cocktail scene.

RankCocktail% of Respondents
01Gin & Tonic28%
04Bloody Mary20%
05Whisky and Coke19%
06Piña Colada19%
08Rum and Coke17%
09Gin Lemonade17%
10Vodka Lemonade15%

Top 10 Craft Cocktails Worldwide (2024)

According to The Mixer, here are the world’s 10 most popular craft cocktails in 2024:

RankCocktailPrimary Spirit
01Old FashionedBourbon
04Espresso MartiniVodka
10White RussianVodka

History and Origin of Cocktails

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The cocktail has evolved from a simple mixture of spirits and flavorings to a sophisticated symbol of culture and creativity. This transformation is marked by significant periods, including the Prohibition Era and the Craft Cocktail Movement, which have both shaped the landscape of mixology.

Prohibition Era

During the Prohibition Era (1920-1933), the United States banned the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. 

This period inadvertently fostered a culture of underground speakeasies, where bartenders had to be creative with limited resources. 

The scarcity of quality spirits led to the creation of cocktails designed to mask the taste of inferior alcohol. 

Drinks like the Sidecar and Mary Pickford gained popularity as they were both palatable and easy to produce with the available ingredients.

The Craft Cocktail Movement

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The Craft Cocktail Movement emerged in the late 20th century as a resurgence of interest in high-quality, artisanal cocktails. 

Mixologists began emphasizing the art of cocktail making, focusing on fresh, high-quality ingredients, innovative techniques, and the overall drinking experience. 

This movement has revived classic popular cocktails such as the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan and introduced new creations that have since become staples in bars across the world, contributing to a rich and ever-evolving cocktail culture.

Seasonality is also a factor, such as popular holiday drinks.

Cocktail Making Basics

Creating the perfect cocktail goes beyond just mixing drinks; it requires an understanding of the essential ingredients that form the foundation of the world’s most popular cocktails, as well as the correct bar tools and equipment for impeccable execution.

Essential Ingredients

The heart of any cocktail lies in its ingredients. For most classic and contemporary mixes, there are a few basic categories of ingredients that a bartender should always have on hand.

  • Spirits: The primary alcohol base provides the kick and character. Staples include vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and brandy.
  • Liqueurs: Used as secondary flavoring agents, they add complexity and can include options like triple sec, vermouth, and amaretto.
  • Mixers: These non-alcoholic liquids, such as soda, tonic water, or fruit juices, help balance the strength of the spirits.
  • Fresh ingredients: Fruit, herbs, and spices, like limes for a Margarita or mint for a Mojito, provide freshness and aroma.
  • Sweeteners: Simple syrup, honey, and agave nectar can adjust the sweetness level to taste.
  • Bitters: A few drops can add depth and complexity to drinks like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans.

Bar Tools and Equipment

The right tools are essential for measuring, mixing, and serving cocktails with precision and style.

  • Shakers: Cocktails like Martinis and Margaritas require a good shake. There are Boston shakers and Cobbler shakers; both serve the purpose of mixing ingredients thoroughly.
  • Strainers: A Hawthorne strainer or a fine mesh strainer ensures a smooth pour, free of unwanted solids.
  • Jiggers: Accurate measurement is key, and a jigger provides the ability to measure out the spirits and liqueurs precisely.
  • Bar spoon: Essential for stirring cocktails that shouldn’t be shaken, it’s also useful for layering drinks.
  • Muddler: To release the flavors from fresh ingredients like herbs, fruit, and spices, a muddler is used to crush and mix them in the glass or shaker.
  • Glassware: The right glass not only presents the drink well but can also enhance the drinking experience. Various cocktails require specific types of glasses; for instance, a highball glass for a Long Island Iced Tea or a coupe for a Daiquiri.

Crafting the perfect cocktail is an art form that extends well beyond the act of mixing beverages. It’s about the nuanced blend of essential ingredients and the skilled use of specialized tools for a flawless finish. 

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  • Cocktails have played a significant role in social events and celebrations across centuries, with each mix reflecting its own cultural and historical roots.
  • The rise of specific cocktails to global popularity reflects the public’s appreciation for the craft of mixology.
  • These well-loved cocktails balance flavors and versatility, often associated with specific memories and moods.
  • The Prohibition Era in the United States led to the creation of cocktails that could mask the taste of poor-quality spirits, contributing to the drink’s evolution.
  • The Craft Cocktail Movement later emphasized fresh, quality ingredients and innovative techniques, reviving classic cocktails and inspiring new favorites.
  • The most popular cocktails of 2024 are led by Gin & Tonic at 28% and include other favorites like Mojitos, Margaritas, and various highballs.
  • Cocktail making is an art that involves understanding essential ingredients, the right bar tools, and precise execution for creating the perfect drink.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries about the most popular cocktails, providing insights into essential recipes, timeless classics, and crowd-pleasers found in cocktail bars around the globe.

What are the essential cocktails everyone should know how to make?

Essential cocktails include the Negroni, a sophisticated blend of gin, Campari, and vermouth, and the refreshing Margarita, featuring tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur.

Which cocktails are considered classics in the world of mixology?

Classics in mixology such as the Mojito, with its white rum and mint, and the whiskey-based Old Fashioned have remained popular due to their timeless flavors and historical significance.

What are the signature drinks that every cocktail bar should offer?

Every cocktail bar should offer signature drinks such as the Manhattan, known for its mix of whiskey and sweet vermouth, and the elegant Martini, customizable to patron preference with either gin or vodka.

What are some universally loved cocktails for a diverse crowd?

Universally loved cocktails include the Margarita, appealing for its balance of sweet and sour.

Another universally loved cocktail is the Tequila Soda, which offers a lighter option with a crisp tequila kick.

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